Dear colleagues and friends involved in Agritourism,

We are in touch with several people involved in agritourism all over the world to expand our Agritourism Platform and our network, but we do need your help too!

Therefore, we would like to ask you if you could please send us some information that could help us expand the network and improve our platform even further to

  • name and link of associations, organizations, public and private departments etc. dealing with Agritourism in your country or regions you have information on,
  • information on events that touch agritourism issues,
  • link or as an annex to the legal provisions and rules, criteria, definitions on agritourism in their countries, if available
  • all other officially available information, statistics and data (number of agritourisms, what is being done, demand/number of nights and arrivals, etc.)
  • reports and articles about agritourism
  • any other relevant or interesting information on agritourism (journal articles, blogs etc.).

Please do not hesitate to copy and paste the information in an informal mail or to forward emails containing the information. We do not ask you to structure the information. Just send us the information in the form you have.

With this data we would like to reach the following goal:

Besides the intention to elaborate and structure this information and make it available on the platform mentioned before, we would like to get and share an overall international overview of the organization, governance, legal handling, importance, dissemination and statistics/development of agritourism.

This will help us better understand the different forms of agritourism and promote the sector.

Please feel free to forward this request to any person or organization that might help us.

It would be very appreciated if you can send us the information until the 14th of September 2020.

Thank you for you precious help,

Thomas, Andrea & Anna

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