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Leading scholars and practitioners of agritourism have joined forces to form the “new” Global Agritourism Network (GAN). On April the 11th, 2023, the GAN was officially launched with a Zoom meeting. We welcome you to join this growing network of agritourism professionals! For further information and for the video recording of the launch, please visit the GAN website >

Agritourism: a successful and growing example of sustainable tourism

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Agritourism offers farmers the possibility of diversifying and generating additional income through on-farm touristic activities in order to help supplementing their low agricultural income. This helps to maintain the viability of active farms and rural communities. The more general understanding of agritourism states that agritourism activities support and promote agricultural resources, traditions and culture. Following this line of thought, agritourism results to be a successful example of sustainable tourism that has gained importance over the years.
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all-day Global Agritourism Conference 20...
Global Agritourism Conference 20...
Jun 23 – Jun 25 all-day
Hosted by Scottish Agritourism in Aberdeen, Scotland, the inaugural Global Agritourism Conference will bring together farmers, agritourism operators, scholars, and other agritourism leaders.

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The Agritourism Homeland – Agritourism has a long tradition in South Tyrol, in the Italian Alps. As early as in the 19th century, wealthy citizens from Bolzano and Merano spent their holidays in the surrounding mountain villages. Today, approximately 2,800 of a total of 20,000 farms also offer tourist services, representing a significant density with respect to other regions in the world. From mountain farms with livestock to fruit growing farms and wineries, the region boasts a comprehensive and high-quality selection of tourism offers. In this way, rural tradition and culture can be experienced in some of the most beautiful places in the country.
Agritourism is an important supplementary income for the farmers, which can contribute to the sustainable development of South Tyrol’s small-structured agriculture. The regional brand “Roter Hahn” supports the farmers in the marketing of their tourist offer a successful model which has attracted the interest of delegations from all over the world since 1999. Sustainability is also a central issue of Eurac Research. With a multidisciplinary approach, scientists address regional issues and develop solutions which can then be applied elsewhere in the world. The researchers at the Institute for Regional Development study and promote sustainable development strategies for mountain areas as an economic region, living space and adventure area.

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