For all Plenary Sessions, interpretation from English to German and to Italian will be provided.
Für alle Plenarsitzungen wird eine Verdolmetschung vom Englischen ins Deutsche und Italienische angeboten.
Per tutte le sessioni plenarie sarà disponibile l´interpretariato dall´inglese al Tedesco e Italiano.

Keynotes & Main Speeches

Herbert Dorfmann

Member of the European Parliament

The European Union and the Agritourism sector

European Union
May 16, 09:00 / Auditorium

Jacqui Taylor

Founder & CEO of Rural Tourism Africa

Achieving the Impossible: Agritourism

South Africa
May 16, 09:30 / Auditorium

Carla Barbieri

Professor – North Carolina State University

Agritourism in Latin America

USA & Peru
May 16, 10:00 / Auditorium

Chadley Hollas

Researcher & Consultant – Cultivating Tourism

The Agritourism sector in North America

May 16, 10:30 / Auditorium

Umberto Selmi

Senior Expert – ISMEA & Italian Rural Network

The Agritourism in Italy

May 17, 08:30 / Auditorium

Francesco Fratto

Senior Expert – ISMEA & Italian Rural Network

Agritourism in Italy

May 17, 08:30 / Auditorium

Valeria Klitsounova

Head of Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism

Agritourism in Post-Soviet Countries

May 17, 09:00 / Auditorium

Cherise Addinsall

Researcher & Consultant – University of the Sunshine Coast

Agritourism in Australia and Pacific Islands

May 17, 09:30 / Auditorium

Hans Josef Kienzl

Head of Roter Hahn – South Tyrolean Agritourism Association

Agritourism in South Tyrol (Italy)

May 17, 10:00 / Auditorium

Arianna Carità

Economist at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Developing Agritourism: the FAO experience

May 17, 16:15 / Auditorium

Anna Pollock

Founder of Conscious Travel, independent strategist, change-maker

The Power of Regenerative Hospitality to Create Flourishing Destinations

May 17, 16:30 / Auditorium


Pandurang Taware


World Agritourism Awards 2024
Awards Distribution Ceremony

May 16, 2024 – 11:30

Lisa Chaise & Carla Barbieri


Global Agritourism Network (GAN)
Transition Ceremony

May 17, 2024 – 10:30

Parallel Sessions

S01 - Collaboration, networking, and partnerships for sustainable agritourism growthHollas ChadleyOrganisedAbstract
S02 - Social Science Perspective on Agritourism: an international approach to researchChiodo EmilioOrganisedAbstract
S03 - An uphill climb with a bag of rocksPepler, RuthOrganisedAbstract
S04 - The Impact of Luxury on Authentic Agritourism ExperiencesJones ScottieOrganisedAbstract
S05 - Regenerative Agritourism Framework, Standards and CertificationMaccari MicheleOrganisedAbstract
S06 - Regenerative agritourism values, practices and policy implicationsLindsey PashowOrganisedAbstract
S07 - Indigenous Foodways in AgritourismLaBonte KaceyOrganisedAbstract
S08 - Navigating the global landscape of agritourism: Towards a unified definitionQuendler ErikaOrganisedAbstract
T-01 - Social SustainabilityThomas Streifender, ...GeneralAbstract
T-02 - Economic SustainabilityChristian Hoffmann, ...GeneralAbstract
T-03 - Environmental SustainabilityFilippo Favilli, ...GeneralAbstract
T-04 - Overarching TopicsArianna Carrà, ...GeneralAbstract
T-05 - Agritourism worldwideAndrea OmizzoloPostersAbstract


DRAFT – Version 09 (updated on 2024/05/15) > Programme may be subject to last minute change

TitlePrimary AuthorSessionTrackDayTimeslotRoomCo-Authors
Enhancing Agro-Tourism Development in Sri Lanka: Strategies for Overcoming Constraints and Promoting Farmer ParticipationKasun udara PereraS-01A114.00-16.00Seminar 1
Developing the Global Agritourism Network: Challenges, Successes, and Future Needs of the NetworkChadley HollasS-01A114.00-16.00Seminar 1Ronald Lamie, Corinne Stewart, Claire Whitehouse, Lisa Chase
Lighting a LAMP (Local Agritourism Micro Partnerships): The next logical evolution of providing authentic Agritourism experiences through community involvement via local/micro collaborations?Adityavardhan PathakS-01A114.00-16.00Seminar 1
Network Development: An Institutional Analysis of South Dakota Native Agritourism OperationsLori A. DickesS-01A114.00-16.00Seminar 1Matthew Knutson
Agritourism as a Catalyst for Place-Branding: Tasmania's unique storyAllison J. ClarkS-01B116.30-18.30Seminar 1
Revisiting the Symbiotic Relationship between Public and Private Sectors in Fostering Sustainable Agritourism: Insights from ZimbabweRudorwashe BaipaiS-01B116.30-18.30Seminar 1Oliver Chikuta, Edson Gandiwa, Chiedza Mutanga
An agricultural business innovation: The Digital Farm Shop as a functional facilitation for the agritourism businessesAlexander PlaiknerS-01B116.30-18.30Seminar 1Hubert Hotter
Collaborative models of developing and support agritourism in post-soviet nationsValeria KlitsounovaS-01B116.30-18.30Seminar 1
National Level Survey Research for AgritourismRonald D LamieS-02A114.00-16.00Seminar 2-3
Analysis of Objectives, Success Factors, and Challenges in Agritourism in BrazilEmilio ChiodoS-02A114.00-16.00Seminar 2-3Nicola Casolani, Andrea Ciccarelli, Rita Salvatore
An analysis of motivations, keys of success and challenges of agritourism in ItalyRita SalvatoreS-02A114.00-16.00Seminar 2-3Emilio Chiodo, Nicola Casolani
Digital diversification in agritourism through smart data management of farm eventsMarco HaidS-02A114.00-16.00Seminar 2-3Katharina Weiskopf
Challenges and Opportunities with Agritourism Mobile Applications: Preliminary FindingsSara BruneS-02A116.30-18.30Seminar 2-3Whitney Knollenberg
Media Impact on Agritourism: Balancing Luxury Shifts and SustainabilityLisa M FrankS-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 7Elizabeth Jones
Farmer or tourism entrepreneur? An economic assessment of commercial agritourism in South Tyrol/ItalyChristian HoffmannS-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 7Christian Fischer, Thomas Streifeneder
Differences in sustainability outcomes between agritourism and non-agritourism farms based on robust empirical evidence from the Tyrol/Trentino mountain regionGiulia GrilliniS-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 7Christian Fischer, Thomas Streifeneder, Giovanna Sacchi
Regenerative Agritourism: An operational and financial framework for the regeneration of VanuaCherise AddinsallS-05A116.30-18.30Seminar 7Anna Pollock
Hurdles in observation, monitoring and evaluation of the complex environmental impacts of agritourism practicesIrma Potocnik SlavicS-05A116.30-18.30Seminar 7Barbara Lampič
Challenges and incentives for transitioning to regenerative farmingMichele MaccariS-05A116.30-18.30Seminar 7
Regenerative Agritourism Pathway for the Pacific Islandsjerry Mr spoonerS-05A116.30-18.30Seminar 7
Increasing Agritourism Sustainability Through Crisis Communications PlanningStacey StearnsT-01A114.00-16.00AuditoriumDoolarie Singh-Knights, Rosa Almonte
How tourists change farms: explaining differences between agritourism and non-agritourism farms in organic farming adoption and local community interaction in the Tyrol-Trentino mountain regionGiulia GrilliniT-01A114.00-16.00AuditoriumThomas Streifeneder, Christian Fischer, Rike Stotten, Markus Schermer
Development and Protection of Agricultural Tourism Resources of Taihang Mountain in Hebei ProvinceYali FanT-01A114.00-16.00Auditorium
Solidarity interaction as a new narrative for the restoration of agritourism in UkraineOlena MotuzenkoT-01B116.30-18.30Auditorium
Farm Vacations as an integral Part of the Mountaineering Village ConceptOliver TammeT-01B116.30-18.30Auditorium
Digital destination development: Ecotourism in comparison to AgritourismBarbara Maria WeiskopfT-01B116.30-18.30AuditoriumMarco Haid
Readiness of Balay Buhay sa Uma as Melitourism Social EnterpriseMia Bella R. FresnidoT-01B116.30-18.30Auditorium
Shaping Agritourism in Italy: What drives holders’ choices? A Farm-level analysisGianluca GrilliT-02A116.30-18.30LoungeUmidjon Matyakubov, Francesco Pagliacci
An Initial Economic Impact Estimate of Agritourism in Oregon’s Willamette ValleyAudrey ComerfordT-02A116.30-18.30LoungeMelissa Fery
Developing Agritourism Economic Sustainability through New York’s Taste New York ProgramLindsey PashowT-02A116.30-18.30LoungeVictoria Giarratano
Saffron-based agritourism entrepreneurship, an untapped potential in Central Iran for sustainable rural developmentFatemeh Zamani AlavijehT-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 8
Agritourism Information Framework: An Analysis of U.S. StatesCaroline ParasT-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 8Erin Percival Carter
Minnesota’s statewide agritourism work group: Supporting producers in lieu of an agritourism associationXinyi QianT-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 8
Flourishing in Agritourism: Business Model Design for Social, Economic, and Environmental SustainabilityTrevor J BensonT-04A114.00-16.00Seminar 8
Unlocking the Potential of Agritourism on the Canadian Prairies: Opportunities & ChallengesPierre CormierT-04B116.30-18.30Seminar 8Keleigh Cormier
Agritourism and territorial tourist experiencesEunice R. LopesT-04B116.30-18.30Seminar 8
Research on the Strategy of Agritourism to Promote Rural Sustainable Development - Experience from Hebei Province, ChinaJiyun BianT-04B116.30-18.30Seminar 8
Agritourism development in the Netherlands based on the Destination management modelJacqueline LijsT-04B116.30-18.30Seminar 8Anouk van Eekelen
Sustainable agritourism through social empowerment in the age of generational transitionKatalin CsobanS-01C211.30-13.00Seminar 1Károly Pető, Anett Godáné Sőrés
Agritourism Education and Development: A Case Study in Andalusia SpainClaudia G GreenS-01C211.30-13.00Seminar 1Rosa García-Sánchez
The Domino Effect. An Australian case study of systemic change achieved through strategic intervention, agritourism cluster development, policy and regulation reformRose A WrightS-01C211.30-13.00Seminar 1
Agritourism Contributes to the Viability of California Small Farms During the Pandemic and BeyondRachael CallahanS-03A214.30-16.00Lounge
Combining Heritage Trails and Agritourism: Case study of the Apple Heritage and Produce TrailHelen D CrippsS-03A214.30-16.00Lounge
Does innovation stands as a value of the agritourism; the case of AlbaniaShpresim DomiS-03A214.30-16.00Lounge
Ensuring the Special Attractiveness and Core Value of Agriculture – An Agri-tourism Certification System in TaiwanTsung-Chiung WuS-06A211.30-13.00Seminar 7Ching -Ching Wu, Wen-Horng Yu, Yung Ping Tseng
Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture and Agritourism Values, Practices, and PolicyDavid GillespieS-06A211.30-13.00Seminar 7Cherise Addinsall, Lindsey Pashow
Fostering Regenerative Agritourism through Policies and Practices in Florida, USAKimberly Brooke HansenS-06A211.30-13.00Seminar 7
Agritourism and Resilience Strategies in Food as Medicine: A Two-Eyed Seeing and Food Systems ApproachKacey P LaBonteS-07A214.30-16.00Seminar 7Courtney Long
Diversification of Offerings and Economic Sustainability of Agritourism Operations in Maryland, USAPrem B BhandariS-07A214.30-16.00Seminar 7Kingsley Ejiogu, Lila Karki, Enrique Escobar, Moses Kairo
New professionals in rural gastronomy tourism: an analysis of tasks, competencies and educational requirementsRoberta GaribaldiS-07A214.30-16.00Seminar 7
Austrian Agritourism: Promoting both diversity and common understanding within global valuesErika QuendlerS-08A211.30-13.00Seminar 2-3Hans Embacher, Vincent P. Magnini, Alexander Plaikner, Rike Stotten
Global Agritourism Values: Perspectives from the USA and CanadaChadley HollasS-08A211.30-13.00Seminar 2-3Carla Barbieri, Keleigh Cormier
A Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Agritourism in New York StateMakela ElvyS-08A211.30-13.00Seminar 2-3Yolanda Gonzalez
The advancement of agri-tourism in South Africa: a case of the Western CapeChristelle C Van ZylS-08B214.30-16.00Seminar 2-3Engelina Du Plessis, Petrus van der Merwe
The Agritourism Conundrum - The critical role of agritourism definitions linked to policy and regulatory reform as a mechanism to protect agricultural land and livelihoodsRose A WrightS-08B214.30-16.00Seminar 2-3
Achieving Sustainability: Practices on Taiwanese Recreational AgricultureChih Yu HsiaoS-08B214.30-16.00Seminar 2-3Chao Lin Tuan
Leveraging the IT Industry to Promote Global Agri-TourismVishmila N MahaliyanaarachchiT-02B211.30-13.00Auditorium
40 Years of Agritourism: Resilience and DiversityTimothy J ParsonsT-02B211.30-13.00Auditorium
Regenerative Innovation of Agritourism Farms: Exploring Diversification StrategiesTsung-Chiung WuT-02C214.30-16.00AuditoriumChing -Ching Wu, Wen-Horng Yu
Farm Tours: Demonstrative Extension Model to Promote AgritourismLila B. KarkiT-02C214.30-16.00AuditoriumSahill Ojha, Prem Bhandari, Moses Kairo, Enrique Escobar, Kingsley Ejiogu
Comparative Analysis of Alpine Agritourism in Trentino, Tyrol, and South Tyrol: Regional Variations and ProspectsGiulia GrilliniT-02C214.30-16.00AuditoriumThomas Streifeneder, Giovanna Sacchi, Christian Fischer
Creative Low-Carbon Agritourism Development in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), ThailandNatthakan PruksorrananT-03A214.30-16.00Seminar 1Netdao Chaiyakhet
Thriving Under Pressure: Unveiling the Livelihood Vulnerability of Agri-ecotourism Communities in the Philippines’ Climate AdventureHanilyn A. HidalgoT-03A214.30-16.00Seminar 1
Accessible Agritourism: More inclusiveness by digital services on farmsKatharina Elisabeth WeiskopfT-03A214.30-16.00Seminar 1Barbara Weiskopf
Exploring the Potential of Adoption of Indigenous Plants for Promoting AgriTourism in Sri LankaVishmi M JayasingheT-04C211.30-13.00Seminar 8Kasun Perera, Suvini nanayakkara, Rohana Mahaliyanaarachchi
Promoting Sustainable Agritourism through Holistic Agritourism Stakeholder Education – Perspectives from Different CountriesDoolarie Singh-KnightsT-04C211.30-13.00Seminar 8Stacey Stearns, PANDURANG TAWARE
Public Health Benefits of Community-Based AgritourismChristopher E BarsottiT-04C211.30-13.00Seminar 8
Fostering Multifunctional Agriculture in Ireland through Agritourism: A Pathway to Sustainable Rural DevelopmentAnthony OyeogbeT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
Experiences in wine tourism – the key enablers for attracting visitors to rural areas for sustainable development of agritourismAndra E GurguT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Gina Fintineru
A Taste of Agritourism in the AdirondacksMary GodnickT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
Agritourism as an ‘Ambassador’ for Sustainable Agriculture, Culture and Heritage – Country-Specific Case StudiesDoolarie Singh-KnightsT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Lisa Chase, Lindsey Pashow, PANDURANG TAWARE
Economic Impact and Case Studies of New York’s Taste New York ProgramLindsey PashowT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Victoria Giarratano
Global Values of Agritourism: Towards a Unified DefinitionCarla BarbieriT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Keleigh Cormier, Shpresim Domi, Rosa García-Sánchez, Chih Yu Hsiao, Romeo Ilie, Madgalena Kubal-Czerwińska, Long Nguyen, Timothy Parsons, Adityavardhan Pathak, Erika Quendler, Satyajit Sinha, Jacqui Taylor
Steps for Agritourism Development in Ordinary Agrarian Villages: Case from NepalKumar BhattaT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Kedar Nath Bhatta
Statement of the problem - where is the border and how to distinguish agritourism from countryside tourismAndrejka KrtT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
Efforts to Approach ESG in Agritourism Farm – "Open ESG" in Touchen Farm, TaiwanEmily WuT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Hunter Lin
Connecting Resources for Innovative Business Models in Agritourism through the Agricultural Marketing Resource CenterCourtney LongT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Chadley Hollas
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Regional Agritourism DevelopmentMatthew D RutterT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Kara Rutter, Lori Dickes, Lauren Duffy
Agritourism Worldwide: PeruClaudia Gil ArroyoT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
The Agritourism sector in Italy and EuropeAnna SilbernaglT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1Andrea Omizzolo, Thomas Streifeneder
Tourism Australia: focus on AgritourismKate ShillingT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
The low-carbon practice process and impacts of rural sustainable agritourismChingfang ChenT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1
Agritourism development in the NetherlandsJacqueline LijsT-05A1&209.00-18.30Foyer 1

Coffee breaks & lunches

Coffee breake and common lunches will be held in Foyer 2, on the Ground Floor.

Congress Dinner

The Congress Dinner will be held the 16th of May 2024
at the restaurant NOIsteria, which is located in the NOI Techpark,
the science and technology park of South Tyrol.

As it is located in the southern part of the city, there will be buses from the event’s venue, Eurac Research headquarter, to the NOI Techpark and back. The first round of busses departs at 18:30 pm from the main entrance. Please make sure to be there on time. A bus ride takes about 15 minutes. The Congress Aperitif will start at 19:00 pm in the NOIsteria, dinner will follow shortly after.

About NOI TechPark – The history of the NOI Techpark is very interesting and goes back to 1937, when the Montecatini Group began operating the INA (Industria Nazionale Aluminia) factory with 100 workers. Montecatini was an important Italian chemicals company founded in 1888. The architecture, a masterpiece of Italian Rationalism, drew on the Bauhaus architectural style. The fascist regime invested massively in the industrialisation of Bolzano. 1945 due to the war, the production of aluminium in Bolzano was reduced to a minimum. The raw material alumina was in short supply. The railway track was damaged, and only a few freight trains got through. Therefore, in 1978 Montecatini floundered, and the area stood still for years. In 1991 The Alimix AG took over, but went bankrupt as well, so the Province of Bolzano became the new owner.

In 2004 the Bolzano 1 and Bolzano 2 transformer buildings and the water tower are listed as historical monuments. 2015 the construction on NOI Techpark begins. The process is an innovative dialogue with the historical context. Signum is a black monolith where businesses, a university and research institutes interact. 2017 NOI Techpark opens on the former location of Alumix, Bolzano’s aluminium plant. Today NOI Techpark is an innovation center and research hub which focuses on four technology fields: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation. Eurac Research is one player of the NOI Techpark and some of the Institutes are located there.

Technical Excursions


The LOC arranges Technical Excursions for participants and Accompanying persons.

Technical excursions are part of the Congress. Places are limited to 10 persons per technical excursion.
Participants must indicate their preference in advance through a dedicated survey to be sent out by early May.
The LOC has the right to change excursion or move participants on the basis of technical needs.


All Day Excursions

The all-day excursion consists of two visits, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Seis – Kastelruth

(visit 01) – morning


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Kastelruth

(visit 01) – afternoon


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in St. Ulrich

(visit 02) – morning


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in St. Ulrich

(visit 02) – afternoon


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Klausen

(visit 03) – morning


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Klausen

(visit 03) – afternoon


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in St. Nikolaus – Ulten

(visit 04) – morning


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in St. Pankraz

(visit 04) – afternoon


Bäuerlicher Schankbetrieb in Völs – Völs am Schlern

(visit 05) – morning

Edelansitz Zimmerlehen

Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Völs – Völs am Schlern

(visit 05) – afternoon


Half Day Excursions


Bäuerlicher Schankbetrieb in Algund (

(visit 06)


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Feldthurns

(visit 07)


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Klobenstein – Ritten

(visit 08)


Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Vöran

(visit 9)

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